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Naresh Verlander
Evian, France

About Naresh Verlander

Photography has been a venue for me to experience a great many things in my life thus far. I remember photographing the North Tower of the World Trade Center in April 2001. I remember the second wave of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami sweeping dozens away in front of my eyes as I photographed the beaches and the aftermath from the Indian coastline. The G8 summit of 2005 took me to Scotland and only a few weeks later I photographed the central scenes of the 21/7 failed bombing attempt in London immediately after the 7/7 suicide attacks.

It was around this time that I became Photo Editor of The London Student, reaching 120,000 readers with every published image. I was first tear-gassed during the anti-CPE riots of 2006 in Paris and am privileged to have photographed some of James Watson's original DNA samples in 2007 for King's College London's Corporate Design Unit (I was also Photo Editor of KCLSU's newspaper: Roar). All the while I was freelancing for Metal Hammer and PlayMusic magazines, photographing over several years Download and Reading festivals, and gigs in and around London.

I completed the 24hrs 3 Peaks Challenge with the Metropolitan Police Service in 2008, photographing some very cold police officers at 1,344 metres on Ben Nevis. 2009 was the year that the Right Reverend E. Don Taylor retired as Bishop of New York City and I photographed his final service from the choir stalls of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. To end the year, several hundred military personnel from around the world came together for a strategy development conference at the Joint Services Staff and Command College.

In 2010 I photographed Ruby Wax, heard Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP's first speech as incumbent Secretary of Justice, watched a debate on police stop and search powers with Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson Sr., and listened to Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks speak at King's College London. More recently I've worked with Cambridge University, Grainger Plc, and IBM.

I am now pursuing a new career and over time hope to bring my former work to this website as a memory of an exciting and varied pursuit during many formative years of my life. Feel free to get in touch for further information, for any other queries, or just to say hallo. Thanks for stopping by.


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